Dancing In the Rain

Friday, September 23, 2005

Dancing In The Rain

Things to Include
1.) A spring break trip to Australia
2.) Finn
3.) An innuendo with the phrase ‘The Great Down Under’
4.) Set Post Chilton
5.) Together Trory (Dating, engaged, married, you decide!)
Things NOT to Include
1.) Dean
2.) Jess
3.) Logan
4.) Drama
5.) Rape, incest, slash

Rating- R/NC17

Tristin DuGrey’s finger ran across the edge of his napkin absentmindedly as he watched Rory converse with Finn.

It’s not like he was jealous. In fact, the friendly body language between the two just turned him on.

“I was just rather surprised to see you instead of the chauffer when we were at the tarmac,” Rory Gilmore-DuGrey chuckled. The sound of her laughter echoed melodically in the quiet rumbles of the Trilogy Bistro.

“It’s the only payment I can come up with knowing how much damage I did to your wedding day,” Finn explained.

They were both referring to Finn’s karaoke act at the DuGrey wedding reception that cool, enchanted April evening. He took the very dignified party to a whole different level after serenading Rory with “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”. Of course, Emily and Richard were incensed. Tristin’s parents were outraged. However, everyone else thought his drunken rendition of the Frankie Valli song was enough encouragement to have the band retire for the evening and have the wedding DJ take over until the wee hours of the night.

“But staying at your uncle’s cabin?” Tristin chimed in.

“Trust me. It’s not that bad,” Finn promised, taking a swig out of his martini glass. “It’s nice, secluded, away from tourists, a bevy of vehicles at your disposal . . .”

“But we are tourists on our honeymoon,” Rory cut him off, playing with the pendant that hung dangerously low on her cleavage.

Tristin eyed the ornament lustfully. All he wanted to do was place a kiss on top of the creamy mounds that lay directly below the delicate chain and adornment. He wanted those long, elegant fingers to touch him just right above his . . . .

“All the more!” Finn said loudly to make a point. “Plus, it’s a nice roomy place where you can see what Australia can offer in the fall without paying zoo fair or bumming it out in the Outback.”

“I don’t know,” Tristin sighed, sliding his hand under the table to catch Rory’s thigh. He squeezed the flesh playfully, signaling her of his current state of arousal.

“If you’re worried that I’ll be barging in on your bedroom business, don’t,” he firmly stated as he lit a fag. “You won’t even know that I’m around. In fact, there’s this lovely Sheila I’ve been keeping my eye on since my last visit. I just might make myself indispensable to her.”

Rory and Tristin shot a glance at each other. “I don’t know . . . .” Rory pondered.

“Well, think about it and I’ll give you guys a ring tomorrow. Late. I promise you, you won’t regret it,” Finn said as he got up from his seat.

“Great,” Rory responded as she and Tristin got up. She went around the table to give Finn a hug. “Don’t call before noon. You know, jet lag and all.”

“Save it, sweetheart,” Finn chuckled, kissing her on the cheek. “I know that you and Tristin want to shag like rabbits. It’s cool.”

Tristin laughed loudly. “You, my friend, are refreshing.” He held out his hand in a friendly handshake.

“I know a man in lust when I see one,” Finn responded, taking Tristin’s hand in his and pulling him in close for a hug.

They parted ways shortly after that. Rory and Tristin walked in silence to the elevators, both contemplating Finn’s invite.

“So, do you think it’s a good idea?” Rory finally got the courage to ask.

Tristin pursed his lips in thought. “I don’t know. What do you think?”

The elevator doors chimed announcing its arrival. Both walked in and faced the doors as they closed.

Abandoning any pretense, Tristin pushed Rory up against the elevator wall and pinned her.

“Do you know how much I wanted to take you at the table while you talked shop with Finn?” Tristin grumbled hoarsely in her ear. The scent of ylang-ylang and pheromones aroused him to no end.

“Tristin!” Rory called out breathlessly as she braced up against the cool wall. She could feel his warm fingers travel up the length of her thigh until the digits cupped her round bottom.

“All I wanted to do was strip you down to those cute, pink, lacy boy shorts you love to wear,” he described vividly.

“Tristin,” she whispered this time as she tried to inhale deeply. Tristin crushed her chest against his, as his hips began grinding against her pelvis. She could feel his arousal through his slacks and it made her blush. “You know how I feel about PDA.”

“Come on, Mary,” he groaned. His fist punched the Stop button on the elevator door. “You want it. I know you do.”

“I never claimed to not want to do it,” she mewled as she reached down and put her hand against his rigid fullness. “I just want to do it in a place of . . . convenience.”

Tristin pulled himself away from her as he stared at her heaving chest.

“Agh!” he called out in frustration, unbuttoning his shirt around his neck. “You drive one hard bargain.”

His eyes went from deep blue to steel gray out of frustration. Rory blushed under his gaze and she watched him shove his hands into his pockets impatiently. She closed the gap between them on tiptoe, whispering to him, “I promise that I won’t leave you disappointed.”

She pulled away and allowed him to view her stripping off her pink boy shorts from under her sundress. She sashayed toward him and handed him the garment. “Just a little reminder.”

He took the delicate piece of clothing and smiled. He was fascinated and stirred by the warmth and dampness of the flimsy garment. “Before you know it, I’ll give you the Great Down Under in the most unconventional place you’ve ever dreamt of.”

Rory started the elevator doors once more. “Promises, promises,” she mocked him while she rolled her eyes.

The elevator was again set to motion, finally reaching its destination. Tristin didn’t bother hiding the garment. An elderly couple stood by the doors when they emerged from the enclosed compartment and gasped as they saw the piece of lace being twirled around his fingers. Rory blushed as she tried to hide her face. One hand was trying to conceal her face. The other was trying to drag her husband away from the offended couple.

“We’re on our honeymoon,” Tristin announced with a smile on his face to the crestfallen strangers. He chuckled as he watched the elderly man shove the shocked woman into the elevator.

Rory quickly slipped the key card through the slot to make a quick getaway. Once they were tucked away from the public, Rory slapped Tristin’s arm with the back of her hand.

“Ouch!” he yelped as he rubbed the sore spot.

“I can’t believe you! You showed my undies in public,” she scolded him playfully, yanking the article of clothing from his neatly manicured fingers.

“I am proud to show all of you in public,” he confessed. He grabbed her wrist and yanked her against his frame. The panties fell on the floor unnoticed.

His right hand cupped her face, and he skimmed her lips with his. She could feel his breath on her face. The scent of cranberry vodka made her want to taste the remnants of alcohol in his mouth.

“What I want,” he continued on, “is to have you,” his fingers sought the zipper tab that went down the length of her spine, “call out my name over and over.” The zipper teeth came apart with a sigh.

A faint “Oh” escaped from Rory’s lips. She felt the fabric fall off her shoulders. Heated hands and moist lips quickly covered the newly exposed skin. He flicked his tongue over the rapidly pulsating vein at the base of her neck. Her instant reaction was a series of goose bumps rising all over arms.

Almost instantaneously, her hands flattened against his broad chest, deftly unbuttoning his shirt. Matching his speed, she took her time unthreading the buttons from the eyes.

“So, you think I’d give in that easily?’ she sighed.

“Oh, almost immediately,” he muttered as his left hand undid the hook of her bra in one swift move. She could feel him smile as he let the confident words slip from his lips.

“My, aren’t we cocky?” she taunted him. Her voice got caught in the back of her throat as his firm hands cupped the weight of her breasts. Her nipples reacted quickly to the gentle massage of his thumb rubbing back and forth across them lazily.

“I think I pretty much know… . ” His head swooped down to the taut peak, and he laved the perky nipple with his mouth.

Rory closed her eyes to savor the experience. Her hand cradled the back of his head, enjoying the feel of his short hair tickling the palm of her hand. She was not going to challenge him right now.

Rory deliberately slipped her hand between his shoulder blade and his shirt. She separated herself from him long enough to get him out of his garment. He shrugged the shirt off impatiently, and Rory found the act amusing.

Their tongues dueled. Their breathing became erratic. Tristin led them to the bed, but Rory stopped them short as she felt the edge of the bed on her calves.

“So, Mister DuGrey, is this what you’ve been waiting for?” she inquired.

“Maybe,” he played her game. “Do you have any suggestions?”

Rory switched places with Tristin slowly. His hands remained on her sides as she played with the waistband of his trousers.

“Well, I figured that we should start a new tradition,” she suggested. “Like, we can’t get into bed unless we’re naked.”

“Hmm,” he hummed into her hair. “I’m beginning to like this idea.”

“So I thought,” Rory continued on as she undid the top button of his pants, “that you’re a little too dressed to get on that mattress.”

Her fingers glided the zipper tab down his covered fly. He moaned softly as her knuckles grazed over his erection. The slacks fell on the floor with a thud. He slipped off his shoes as Rory fanned her fingers over his chest. She laid butterfly kisses all over the heated skin, smiling when he took a sharp intake of breath. Tristin tugged on her dress and let the fabric pool on the floor, leaving her naked. Rory looked up coquettishly at him, watching his eyes take in her naked form.

“Am I doing this right?’ she asked feebly. She pulled the blue boxers carefully over his pulsating manhood.

He stepped out of his underwear without taking his eyes off of her. His eyes rolled to the back of his head when Rory knelt in front of him and started teasing him slowly by pressing the tip of her tongue against the vein that ran the length of his shaft. He had to concentrate long enough to not let the evening end so soon.

“Come here,” he growled. He gathered her in his arms and lifted her off the floor, burying his face between her breasts. He laid her slowly on the soft lavender-scented sheets. She snaked herself up the sheets while he crawled toward her general direction. His head dipped low, catching the inside of her left ankle. Slowly but firmly, he left a trail of kisses up her calf and thigh while his left hand mimicked the lips’ exploits.

Rory arched her back in pleasure, awaiting his tongue to violate her. She was tense, anticipating the action only to be left hanging.

His palms slid between her inner thighs only to have them come around her hips and cup her derriere. She moaned, jutting her breasts into the air in frustration.

“Take me, Tristin,” she begged.

“How?” he asked, his eyes filled with lust.

Her eyes traveled down from his chest to the thick, coarse hair that spread down his nether region, revealing a throbbing breadth of heated skin hovering above her thin patch of dark curly hair.

“Should I demonstrate?” she coyly inquired.

He grinned. He made sure she maintained eye contact as he took his index and middle finger into his mouth for moistening before plunging them into her slick folds.

She shuddered in delight, and he felt her muscles contract against his digits. He had to bite his lower lip to remain in control. He pumped his fingers slowly, in and out until she was barely on the rim of release.

The contractions were speeding up as his tempo became faster and deeper. He watched her writhe, grabbing the sheets, the pillows, and for a few seconds, her breasts—pinching the sensitive peaks until they hardened.

He couldn’t wait any longer. He parted the soft skin and guided himself into the tight passage. He almost blacked out from ecstasy. Rory’s groaning and almost immediate grinding didn’t make matters any better, not that he cared at that moment.

He inched his way slowly in at first, making sure that he didn’t hurt her. As soon as he was able to bury his full length between her legs, he eased off and repeated the deed. Rory spread her legs wider to accommodate him. She didn’t know that the slight movements almost made Tristin lose himself in her.

Picking up the pace, his thumb sought the little nub glistening on her wet mound. As he lengthened his thrust, he rhythmically matched his speed to the circling motion on the pink turgid skin. Rory moaned in delight.

“I’m gonna to come! I’m gonna come!” she chanted.

Triumphantly, Tristin lifted his pelvis in fast, short powerful thrusts as Rory climaxed all around him in pleasure. The same tide of pleasure overcame him, as he emptied himself into her.

He collapsed next to her, listening as their ragged breaths caught their normal rhythms. Shortly after that, they cuddled in a traditional spoon fashion and fell asleep.


The incessant ringing of the telephone woke up the sleeping couple. Rory wished she had slept on the other side of the bed; the side farthest from the annoying appliance.

“’lo?” was her grumbled response.

“Rise and shine, Sweetness. The birds are chirping,” Finn’s cool voice cooed in her ear.

Rory tried to raise her head from the sheets only to be denied by a heavy arm.

“What time is it?” she mumbled into the receiver.

“Half past noon,” he stated dryly.

“Noon!” she exclaimed, pushing away the possessive confines of Tristin’s embrace.

“What’s noon?” Tristin asked groggily.

“Current time,” Rory informed him.

Tristin propped his torso into a half-risen position supported by his elbows. “Is that our wake up call?”

“If you’re referring to Finn, yes,” Rory confirmed the identity of the person on the phone line.

“Let me speak to him.” He motioned for her to hand him the receiver.

Before she knew it, the conversation evolved into a series of grunts and agreements. She only knew that the conversation was over when he hung up.

“So, what’s happening?” Rory asked, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“We’ve got time for a quickie, a shower, and maybe some time to pack an overnight bag,” he suggested, cocking his head back to stare at her. “So, care to start with the first order of business?”


“Wow, this place is enormous!” Rory exclaimed in amazement as she got out of the blue BMW X3 off-roader that had seen better days.

“Welcome to Wollemi National Park,” Finn announced as he stepped out from the driver’s seat.

Tristin got out of the vehicle and stood right next to Rory. The three of them stared over the hills and valleys covered in a magnificent array of fall foliage.

“Isn’t it odd that we’re enjoying autumn when it’s really spring?” Tristin commented off-handedly.

“Stateside, yes. Don’t let the Aussies hear you say that,” Finn advised jokingly. “Come on. I have to show you the place.”

The cottage Finn was talking about was an understatement. The place boasted four bedrooms, three baths, two fireplaces and a decked out kitchen suited to cook for a party of twenty. The cottage was adorned with large black and white photography of various places around Australia. The furniture was contemporary, well suited to blend in with the paneled walls.

“As you can see, it’s not much, but it’s manageable,” Finn pointed out. “The TV’s on satellite, and so is the radio. The sauna is right through there.” He pointed out to the stained deck behind the French doors. “I will be right . . . there.” He pointed out to a red rooftop that was at least a quarter of a mile away.

“Are you sure?” Tristin asked. “You know, you can stay here.”

“And have you miss out on the fun? Pshaw!” he exclaimed. He walked toward a hidden box behind a picture frame. “Keys to the Jag and the Aston Martin are in here.”

“Finn, this is just too much!” Rory replied, dumbfounded.

Finn shrugged off the compliment as he walked toward the pantry. He grimaced as he realized he forgot to bring provisions.

“Hmm, I hate to say this but I have to get back to civilization,” he informed the couple.

“Anything wrong?” Rory asked, walking to where Finn was rooted.

“I misplaced this thing called ‘sustenance’, and without it the three of us will not survive a day,” he mentioned.

“I thought your life support was a constant supply of Scotch?” Rory inquired, smiling.

“That’s what’s in the bag, Cupcake,” he said, winking at her. “So, make yourselves comfortable. I shall be back.”

“Will you need help?” Tristin asked.

“I think I can handle it,” he replied, waving back at them. “See you in two shakes.”

And away he went.

“So, what do you think?” Tristin asked, rubbing Rory’s bare arms lightly.

“I like it,” her eyes wandered around the vast room.

Tristin started nuzzling her ear. “I want to do you in each and every room in this place.”

Rory pushed him an arm’s length away quickly. “What if I have a headache?” she asked, a mischievous gleam appearing in her eyes.

“Do you really want to have a headache when I make you feel good all over?” he countered her question.

Rory just giggled and tried to push away the naughty thoughts from her head. “Come on. Let’s go to the deck.”

Hand in hand, they walked through the French doors and basked in the cool breeze.

“This place is so beautiful!” Rory remarked.

“What I’m looking at is beautiful,” Tristin said.

Rory blushed and looked away. Her eyes came in contact with a kangaroo frozen on the spot.

“Tristin, look! A kangaroo!” Rory said excitedly.

Before Tristin could speak, Rory went after the marsupial that bounced away.

“Rory, wait!” Tristin called after her.

Into the woods, Rory went in search of other kangaroos. Through the fragrant forest she spotted a koala and a few birds she had never seen in her entire life.

“Rory, wait!” Tristin yelled again. Flocks of birds dissipated in multiple directions.

“Isn’t this great?” Rory asked in awe.

“It is,” he panted. “I thought Gilmores never run?”

“Well, there are few exceptions,” Rory informed him, smiling. “This is one of them. Besides, I’m a DuGrey now.”

“That you are,” he said, cupping her face in his hands.

Slowly, his mouth descended upon hers. Rory couldn’t have been happier.

The warm, languid stroke of his tongue against the roof of her mouth elicited a moan from the back of her throat. The sound gave Tristin the motivation to continue his probe.

The kiss was broken when a sudden booming sound erupted from above.

“What the—,” Tristin got cut off.

All of a sudden, the sky broke and a thousand droplets fell toward the earth. In seconds, their hair was plastered onto their heads.

“We have to get back,” Rory suggested.

“And waste this?” Tristin teased. “No way.”

“Tristin,” she whined.

“I love it when you say my name,” he replied breathlessly.

Tristin pulled her against him to reclaim her lips. The heat and the passion had changed her mind.

All of a sudden, all inhibitions were lost. Rory’s fingers adroitly pulled the tucked shirt from his waistband and sought the nubs visible from underneath. With the rain plummeting, the heat he emanated excited her.

Tristin backed her to a large tree, pressing her against the rough bark. Once they met the barrier, he tried to unbutton her white shirt. He teased her mercilessly as he cupped and massaged her breasts through the wet fabric of her bra while he crushed his crotch against her.

Rory picked up on the cue as she undid the button and zipper to his shorts. Her hands attempted to pull him closer by grabbing his behind.

The act made Tristin groan. Picking her off her feet, Tristin lifted Rory and had her wrap her legs around his torso. He ripped her bra to free the milky goblets previously secured by the underwear. He sucked and nipped on the stiff nipples making Rory writhe in passion.

She knew he wanted release. Reluctantly, she asked him to let her down slowly. He growled in disagreement, but complied.

Tristin’s shorts fell to the ground, his arousal evident against his wet boxers.

The pelting rain slowed to a misty drizzle as Rory guided them to the bed of eucalyptus leaves. He was surprised, but declined to interrogate her.

Rory stood right by his waist and removed her shorts and underwear. Tristin had to close his eyes to control himself as he watched the tiny strip of curly hair suddenly hover around his midsection.

“Are you ready?” she cooed in his ear. He could feel the heat of her core radiate against his stiffened manhood.

“Do you have to ask?” he inquired through gritted teeth.

A devilish smile broke on Rory’s face as she tugged on the tented underwear to reveal his state of arousal. She gave the exposed, thick membrane a long broad stroke with her tongue. Tristin almost came in her mouth.

She writhed up against him slowly as she stretched out to her full frame. “Aw, is my baby ready?” Rory cooed in his ear.

“Ready to pound you over and over,” he hissed, grabbing her pelvis.

In one swift motion, he guided her heated core onto his stiffened manhood.

Rory shrilled in delight. He was huge and warm and wonderful all at the same time. She just sat there, shocked and marveling at the same time.

“I can’t wait all day, you know,” Tristin teased as rubbed her thighs.

Slowly, she started moving up and down his shaft. She felt herself tighten around him, and she loved it. His breathing was shallow and calculated. He guided her against him, raising his hips to meet her every thrust.

She raised her hips and gyrated against him. Tristin grabbed her bouncing breasts and squeezed them carefully but firmly. Her hands covered his like she was forcing him to grip them tighter.

“You like that?” he asked, as he lifted his pelvis to meet hers.

“Uh-huh,” she moaned.

“What about this?” he inquired.

He took his hand from her grasp and slowly traced his forefinger down her midline. He stared at the beaded raindrop traveling down to her belly button. With his thumb, he brushed away the droplet and pressed it against her mound.

“Oh!” she cried out. The cold water against her heated flesh was enough to make her squeeze him tighter.

“You like that, don’t you?” he teased.

She tried to lean down against him only to have him push her upright.

“Not yet,” he told her.

He circled her nub with the padded part of his thumb, stroking her with enough pressure to make her moan.

“Tristin, you’re driving me insane,” she confessed.

He could hardly talk. All he could feel is how hot and how tight she was around him.

“Fuck, Rory!” he yelled out. He was spinning out of control.

Rory rocked back and forth against him. She was moving up and down, faster and harder. She pounded away as he pulsated against her.

He stroked her faster and faster, matching her thrusts.

“Tell me, Mary. Tell me how you want it?” he continued torturing her.

“Faster, Tristin. Faster!” she moaned. She couldn’t take it any more.

Rory arched back and yelled out her release. All she could see was a searing bright light.

She came fast and hard around him, and she had to remind herself to breathe.

Tristin’s release was so intense he had to hold her against him. He was rendered speechless.

Rory fell limp against him. Collapsing on his chest, she let out a sigh.

“If I knew it was going to be this good doing it in the wild, I would’ve done it a long time ago,” Rory mumbled against his neck.

Tristin put an arm around her and kissed her forehead. “Me too, Babe.”

Rory lifted her head and looked at him in disbelief. “You? Mister I’ve-done-it-everywhere?”

Tristin flicked another droplet from her chest. “Don’t tell me you actually bought all that BS.”

“Well, what was I to believe?” she retorted, trying to straighten out her clothing. She took off her shirt so she could discard her ruined bra.

“Mary, what just happened was so unbelievable,” he touched her thigh before she pulled her panties and shorts back in place. “I just might get used to this.”

“What if I get used to it?” Rory teased. She kissed him on the cheek before cinching the ends of her damp shirt around her waist. “Can you keep up?”

“Oh, so now you’re a converted exhibitionist?” Tristin mocked. He got up and got dressed himself.

“Nope,” she replied before lacing her fingers with his. “Just a little bit more adventurous.”

Tristin laughed and gave her hand a squeeze.

Their slow walk back to the cabin was filled with quiet naughty whispers. By the time they got back to the deck, Tristin was ready to take Rory again.

They walked through the French doors only to find Finn drinking out of the Scotch bottle in the middle of the kitchen.

“Well there you are,” he replied dryly. Taking a look at Rory’s wet shirt, he smiled. “Why hello, Sweetheart. Are you that excited to see me?” He leered at her, knowing that it would bother Rory to no end.

Tristin chuckled while Rory attempted to cross her arms over her dark, stiffened areolas. She had to compose herself before talking again.

“Uh, Finn, where are the groceries?” she asked having a hard time looking him in the face.

“I didn’t get them,” he replied frankly.

“Oh, so are we out to hunt for our food now?” Tristin remarked.

“Nope,” Finn replied. “Even better.”

Rory looked at Tristin in confusion.

“My uncle decided he wanted to take his new bride to this cottage. He knew you guys were going to be here and felt really bad, so he suggested we take his plane and head on to his place at the Barrier Reef,” Finn filled them in with the details.

“You’re kidding us, right?” Rory could hardly get the words out of her mouth. That was where they’d wanted to spend their honeymoon but couldn’t get a reservation until after the Australian winter season.

“It’s the real thing, Baby. And my uncle has a cook,” Finn boasted. “There’s also this young, beautiful . . .”

“We get your point, Buddy,” Tristin chuckled. “Why don’t you let us get on some dry clothes and then we’d head back to Sydney?”

“Fantastic idea,” Finn said, raising the bottle to Tristin. “Oh, and can I ask you to drive us? I think I’ve drunk enough here to make us, you know . . . .”

“Yeah. Just give us twenty,” Tristin said.

“Take your time,” Finn replied as he sat in front of the TV. “Take your time.”

Rory giggled as she leaned up against Tristin. “I can’t wait to get to the beach.”

“Why?” Tristin asked.

“I wanna know how it’s gonna be when I finally take you at the shore,” Rory replied with frankness.

“You are, huh?” Tristin inquired in surprise. He could feel himself get aroused once more.

“How I’m going to lay you on the beach blanket under the moonlight,” she pulled his shirt over his head, “and not allow you to touch me.”

“Uh-huh,” Tristin muttered while he started grabbing her breasts once more.

“I’ll only allow you to kiss the parts I’d allow your lips touch,” she informed him while stripping him off his shorts.

“Kinky, aren’t we?” Tristin smirked. “I didn’t think you were into master and servant role play.”

“Only when appropriate,” Rory giggled.

“Oh, baby. It’s going to be a long trip to the reef,” Tristin groaned as he finished undressing Rory. “Whatever happened to doing it in a place of convenience?”

“Would you like me to go back to that?” she replied wickedly.

He didn’t allow her to answer that question. They ended up taking a long shower that neither would forget any time soon.